Hayley Gets A Cross Tattoo

Hayley Williams cross tattoo
Hayley Williams got a new tattoo today of solid black cross tattoo on the front of her right thigh. She says: “Got a black cross on my leg. My faith is the only thing that never fails me.” This is Hayley’s fourth tattoo. Guitarist Taylor York got a tattoo on his arm at the same time (it is his second tattoo). It’s not the first time the two have gotten body modifications together – Hayley got her septum pierced while Taylor got his nose pierced during Warped Tour in 2008.

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71 Responses to Hayley Gets A Cross Tattoo

  1. meggomck says:

    I think it looks good! But the fans will never fail her either!

  2. Emilie says:

    ohhh hayley… :/
    i don’t like how many tattoos you have. not too seem uncool or whatever, but i think that a giant solid black cross right in the middle of thigh might be something you may regret. you can be faithful without permanently marking your body! the only tattoo hayley has that i think looks ok is the warped 2005 cloud. this tat looks just a little ridiculus to me. no offense anyone!

    • Hayley0_0 says:

      I think that the tat itself is very cool but yes, in the middle of thigh… :S I’d like if it would be just a little bit not that front. And I love all the other tats she’s got :D most the “shave me” and the warped tour’s.
      And yes, your fans (at least I) wont fail you Hayley!

  3. sponge-bomb says:

    It doesn’t suit her i don’t think…i mean, its pretty intense! its SOLID black…and it looks so awkward…hayley knows what she is doing then its okay and i support her.

  4. beeeef says:

    Oh my, this is an unfortunate place for a tattoo and I’m very positive she will regret it. Yikes.

  5. meee says:

    oh god hayley, why??? if it had been smaller and in a better place like the inside of her wrist or something it would have been fine, but this really doesn’t look good :/

  6. anna says:

    i kind of like it

  7. Eliz says:

    I don’t know if I like it or hate it! When I first saw it I was like that looks really bad, but now I’m sort of like that looks alright! But I don’t think it suits Hayley’s personality! You can really tell that she likes it so u surrport her decision!!

  8. Aimee says:

    it’s in such a bad place , she will never be able to wear a shortish dress again , like the cute one she wore with the bows all over. it will have to be long :( I agree with the person who said she should have it on her wrist. It would have been like katy perry’s jesus tat. faithful and tasteful :)

  9. zombiegrl says:

    surely she could afford better than that?

  10. jeah says:

    does it cross your minds that maybe she wants people to see it? duhhh of course she can wear short dresses.

  11. kels says:

    <3 i like it

  12. emma (paramore fan forever) says:

    i think it looks cute, and its awesome, i love it hayley :D!!

  13. Emilie says:

    i still don’t like it looking back at it… it’s not in a very good spot and it’s really big. its not even like a special pretty cross its just a solid black one. sure, she can wear short dresses and stuff, but i think one like that is a little over the top. i guess if it makes her happy…

  14. Kate says:

    At first, I kinda hated it. But now – I totally love it!

  15. lulu says:

    It’s not to my taste but each to their own!

  16. alalicja says:

    and i miss the good old 2005/06/07 times, when Paramore was just a kickass , without any manifestation through body modification. not that i don’t like it all, i’m rather neutral, although i obviously wouldn’t do it myself.. but everything has changed so much. can someone call us to the past ?

  17. Um says:

    Bad place to put it, its so ugly, just pure black, flaunting a cross is proving your faith? stop being childish Hayley, tatoos are hard to remove, so think about it more before you get another ridiculous tat somewhere else. BAD BAD BAD decision

  18. Frosted says:

    ITS HER BODY, HER LEG, but doesnt she see that the christian faith prefer people to not mark their bodies. I think she will regret to be honest, it should of been smaller n on the wrist, who even randomly get thigh tatoos like that lol

  19. melissa says:

    Wow, people are being so harsh. I like it. plus tattoos always look a bit different once they’ve healed up.

  20. Kellie says:

    Wow. I think it looks good. I don’t know why people are hatin’ on it!

  21. Katy says:

    If you dont have tattoos, you dont understand tattoos. Thats the one she wants so thats the one she has. Nuff said. At least its not a tramp stamp.

  22. anon says:

    ive got tattooes so im not hating on tattooes at all, and im sorry but this is just dumb. a solid black cross across the dead center of her thigh? i like thigh tattooes on chicks but not this one. it looks like a spur of the moment tatoo that she didnt think all the way out, she cud have gotten more creative

  23. Shut up says:

    Uhhhhh maybe it’s not real?

  24. Maggie says:

    I think i like it , not that it matters. as long as she likes it. it might look different when she stands up or something, maybe it won’t look so … ugh i dont even know what to say, it just might look a bit different :)

  25. :) says:

    It could be bigger , just be grateful it doesn’t go from like her knee up to her hip imagine how big and ugly that would be :) It looks nice.

  26. AmandaBaines says:

    Its not even that big. I don’t see what everyone is on about. There’s some pretty bad tats out there and i think Hayley’s is awesome! And c’mon, we’ve seen one photo of it, don’t be so quick to hate.

  27. emmy says:

    I like her tats, but they look poorly done :/
    I’ve never gotten a tattoo before, so I don’t know the pain intensity of it, but her’s look’s really painful

  28. Grrt says:

    It looks great, too bad the farro brothers don’t have one, it would probably burn their skin(:

  29. melissa says:

    Personally i love tattoos including this one.

  30. Alex says:

    I think it’s hot and bold. Hayley Williams is incredible. To the Christians who give her crap for tattoos (and many other things) you are plain stupid. The way I see it I believe she has more faith than any of you sheep. Stop “playing God” and start looking at yourself in the mirror you nit pickers.

  31. Faith says:

    They be seein’
    They be hatin’

    Personally I love this tattoo!

    It’s very unusual, and Hayleys unusual, so it suits her, right?
    I really like it, it’s not to big nor small.
    I just hope Hayley doesn’t get a sleeve, then i’d be happy haha.

  32. minnie says:

    whoooa! i love it!! amazing just like the others :)
    and this picture is pretty cool, yeah :P

  33. brenda says:

    Idk if it’s just me, but I see the lines aren’t completely straight or proportional.
    I could have done better with a Sharpie.

  34. Nita Monster says:

    I’m tattooed to my hole left arm, so i can talk about good or bad tattoos and this is really bad. Ok i don’t believe in god but that is a think that every person must know for oneself.
    but this cant be a good artist i mean… it’s skew!!!

    • LJ says:

      Your an idiot. It doesn’t mean shit if you have a tattoo, it doesn’t make you an expert or give you the right to state what a good or bad tattoo is. Tattoo artists must be able to draw/sketch, if they can do that they are more then likely a good tattoo artist, and they must also understand different skin types in order to know how to treat the skin while tattooing it. Also learn to spell buddy.

  35. Madeline. says:

    I see what y’all mean when you say its like, right there in solid black & stuff. I don’t mind the tattoo. She can easily cover it if she wants & show it when she wants. I think something more smaller & fancy would have suited her better.

  36. EmaaRawrr. says:

    I can’t say I like it. And it doesn’t look all that well done too :S


    uh, the tat is not bad, but I HATE thigh tats, wheater it’s on a girl, boy, or it!I think the tat would have looked better on the back of her neck. Yeah, I would have also looked good on her wrist, but it would be more edgy on her neck!


    Uh she can still wear short dresses, but only black ones , or one that is a modern style and one color, cause a old fashion type o dress wouldn’t suit the ugly tat!

  39. Kris says:

    ahm I don’t like it but a tattoo is for yourself, if she loves it it’s ok.

  40. bleeh says:

    Am i the only one who’s noticing how skinny her legs actually are!?! & i like this tattoo, even though the placing is weird, i think i still looks really awesome :)

  41. Elida says:

    It is in a weird place but it is cool because it’s unique and I’m sure that most people don’t have a tattoo on top of their thigh, so it’s cool!

    ps. Love you Hayley and Paramore!!!!!!!!!!!

  42. S says:

    I don’t see why everyone dislikes it so much! I loved it when I first saw it and I love it now. It’s not too big and it’s in a spot where she can hide it if she needs to, plus it’s nice and simplistic and not all in your face. Anyway, and as long as she likes it that’s all that matters, right?

  43. Kristy says:

    I like it but I think its just that little bit too big.

  44. Rachael says:

    Oh dear. Bad place. BAD place.

    Hayley…you better hope you NEVER gain weight. Otherwise that thing is going to look worse then roadkill. D:

  45. Rachael says:

    Oh…and I just realized….it’s not even either….

  46. ....... says:

    you guys are dumb..obviously she wouldn’t have gotten a tattoo on her leg at all, if she had a problem with it showing? you must be forgetting she already has on on her leg anyway. and has hayley ever beeen the kind to REALLY care about fashion or whether a tattoo will make her dress look “bad”? (which it won’t). but no she hasn’t. and newsflash, it’s showing in the new monster video and it looks just fine.

  47. Paramorian says:

    Hmm, tattoos are permanent but can be removed by doctors, so if she regrets it, she can have it removed. I agree with everyone, this tat is way too obvious, she could’ve made it smaller and maybe not on her thigh… Anyway, it’s her choice and I support her…

  48. Paramorian says:

    Well, it kinda shows her Christianity in terms of the cross, but in terms of it being a tattoo, not so much….. NO HATE, I love hayley and Paramore but not a fan of her getting tattoos…

  49. Little Poop says:

    What the fuck is wrong with the lot of yuh?

  50. Little Poop says:

    I’m sure she’s really concerned about all of your opinions…stupids

  51. Little Poop says:

    I don’t like it, Christianity isn’t even real

  52. Little Poop says:

    It would be cooler if it was upside down and on her vag.(:

  53. Tamika says:

    @ little poop. Christianity IS REAL. & so is GOD & JESUS. Don’t worry. I PROMISE YOU. In the end you’ll wish you would’ve believed. Poor thing. I feel so sorry for you.

  54. Facepalm says:

    @Tamika You do realise it’s because of people like you that so many despise religion right?

    Also evidence etc etc.

  55. Bitchy Spider says:

    What an awful tattoo +o(

  56. FanyKillz says:

    I like it^.^ nd obviously if she ever does regret gettn it im pretty sure she can afford gettn it removed xP

  57. Hannah says:

    I personally love this tattoo. I was planning on getting a cross just like this on either my thigh or foot, and up popped Hayley with one! Anyways, why are any of you hating on it? It is her body and her life, and if she likes it, then what does it matter? It can be covered and displayed. It is a nice spot.

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  59. j. lester says:

    super. . . .ganda niya. . . grabe. .
    joke . . lang. . hahahahaha. . .

  60. thuyeinmyatsoe says:

    I like u….u are vocalist perfect girl…..i wish u to good luck….

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