Paramore Get Matching Tattoos

Hayley, Taylor, and Jeremy have all gotten matching tattoos! The tattoo is a black box with three white bars to represent the three band members. Hayley’s is on her left wrist. This is her sixth tattoo, you can see the other here.

On KROQ’s Kevin and Bean show interview on Wednesday (listen – part 1 and part 2), Hayley joked that they can’t add any new members to the band because of the tattoos: “we just got tattoos that have only three white bars in them, so if we ever add any new members we’re screwed!” On a more serious note, Taylor said “I think the goal right now is just to really focus on the three of us.”

What do you think about the tattoos? I’m not a huge fan of the design, but I think it’s great that the band is so unified now.

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56 Responses to Paramore Get Matching Tattoos

  1. Eliz says:

    I WANT ONE!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

  2. Anna says:

    I think they could have done it little smaller …

  3. shannon! says:

    Call me crazy, but i think it’s awesome.

  4. Tova says:

    Idk .. I think they are too chunky and big.

  5. Jessy says:

    I like it. It’s simple and cute. Not like the razor one, that she’s gonna regret when she’s 80.

    • Anonymous says:

      Although when you’re 80, I think tattoos will be the least of your problems ’cause I think when you get all wrinkly and shriveled, tattoos will seem pretty irrelevant. Plus, they fade a bit with age unless they’re recolored.

  6. Amelia says:

    I like them but I think they would have looked better as just 3 lines. I couldn’t really tell what it was at first.

  7. Julia says:

    I’m also not really a fan of the design, but I really like the idea. And it really looks like they would want to go on and that now they found out how strong their friendship really is. It seems like they want Paramore to be a part of their lives forever.
    And it makes me want a tottoo as soon as possible! ;)

  8. princess says:

    sixth? i thought five… 2 on her ankle, the heart one, the warped, and the new one…

  9. Lilly says:

    She gets dumb tattoos I did like the cross but its way too big. The little heart is my only fav. I actually wanna get one now… ;p

  10. Marta says:

    I thought it was marker at first. I didn’t think they would actually get a tattoo that big and bulky. :P I also thought the cross was way too big. I can’t say I don’t like it. Hayley makes it look less bulky with the bracelets. I kinda like it.

  11. Vic says:

    I like the bracelet with the buttons :D

  12. Izzzzzzzy says:

    I like the design and it’s significance is nice and current they’re clearly stronger than ever, but it’s kid of reckless?
    I mean, they’re not always going to be a band, let alone just the three of them, and what if the worst happened and someone else left?

    • Nalia says:

      even if that happened i’m sure she’d want to remember when it was the three of them, they seem pretty tight, i would’ve wanted to remember a friendship and a band like that no matter what happened

  13. Maya says:

    its not Actually as big and bulky as you guys think. i saw it in person and it looks really good.

  14. yuhg says:

    its too big and bold, And yeah what about future members…seems like Hayley head is on backwards getting unnecessary large tatoos, shes a flawless girl she doesnt need all that, and hello their permanent. Im glad the Farros left, cant see them getting that.

  15. Layla says:

    I like the idea but I’d never want to get tattoo like that, I’d use my wrist for a small star :D But its Hayleys style to have reminders on her, all her tattoo’s has special meaning to her, she doesnt care about design that much. And they’re not that permanent, ever heard about laser? They can remove them with it.

    • jesus says:

      Actually, it’s extremely unlikely that laser removal will eradicate the entire tattoo. Discoloration usually remains, especially on solid black.

    • yuhg says:

      exactly Laser is painful and can take months to years to go away, plus the process is hard also who wants discolored skin, so yeah there pretty permanent unless you consider Laser as an option, I dont.

  16. alicia says:

    I actually like it. It is not only original, but I think it looks cool, and the placement is great. Every one can see it and be reminded how strong the bond is between the remaining members of the band. But really, I think Paramore could rock pretty much any look, so I could be biased :P

    • Elli says:

      It’s not original though… it looks exactly like the Echelon symbol that Jared Leto has on his wrist… the frontman of Thirty Seconds to Mars; btw 3:
      I may just be paranoid, but it does look quite similar D:

      • max says:

        30stm are terrible and Jared Leto’s ego is GIGANTIC so Paramore beat them anyway. Plus they’re not that similar and since the band listens to good music I doubt they know of the existence of that tat

      • Josh says:

        It looks identical minus the connecting lines on the top and bottom. 30STM’s though is two intertwined ‘3s’. In reply to Max 30STM is more credible than Paramore. At least they create different music and not play the same four chords on every song like Paramore does. That being said, I do not hate Paramore, I just prefer more complex music. Maybe instead of being critical of music, you could try enjoying it for what it is.

  17. WoopDiDoo says:

    why do you all think it’s too big??

    i think it’s awesome! ;)

  18. Liv says:

    I think they look great, I can’t see how everyone thinks they’re too big :/ I wouldn’t have it myself but I really like the meaning behind it :)

  19. Emz says:

    Another shit tattoo?

  20. Fee says:

    If a new person joins, they could just add another line thing?
    I really like it.

  21. Ryan L. says:

    well if you add another member theres 4 black bars XD haha

  22. kelly says:

    i love it!!! and I think the design is great. it’s simple but has a meaning

  23. Emilie says:

    Paramore is STILL a band.


    i love it!!! :]

  24. Emily says:

    I really like it, actually. I think it fits her style and what they’ve always said about the band. they’re united, and they mean a lot to each other, and I think it’s sweet that they chose to display that bond on their bodies.
    also, even if one of them did eventually leave, or they do get new members, it doesn’t mean they have to get it removed or that they’ll be ashamed of it. No matter what happens, it’ll be a reminder of a time in their life when they were closer than ever, when it was them against the world, and it’ll remind them of everything they’ve been through together, everything they had to overcome to get where they are.
    I can’t see any of them ever regretting it.

  25. Ariel says:

    Yep, it’ll suck if they get a new member. So I agree they should of made it smaller, or not get it at all?
    I don’t know :P

  26. Lindsay says:

    Even if they do get a new member it’s their thing. Three friends who stuck together after two left the “family”. I like it. It’s their bodies. It’s not on her forehead or anything. And to the people who want to get one, wow… That’s really weird and stupid.

    • Cleaty says:

      yeah but the new member’s would always feel left out and would eventually ;leave too, the brothers left from feeling unequal, so way to go with the matching tattoos -__-

  27. shelby lyn says:

    i actually really like the tattoos its simple and the black contrast very well with her skin tone… i want a matching tattoo with someone lol

  28. Jennifer says:

    I think it’s a cool idea, but it’s a bit tasteless…. I mean, it’s basically a giant middle finger to the Farro brothers! It’s cool to see them so unified but at the same time… I think a lot of fans still haven’t gotten over it so, you know. I do like them though.

  29. Manuel says:

    HUGE middle finger to the Farros, come on why get matching tattoos now? ahhhh what if they want to come back? or be at least back friends or something! those tattoos and such a shove in their face and tacky to be honest.

  30. gsgasw says:

    LMAO notice Taylor got his tat away lot higher than Hayley and Jerms lol probably like “eww this is a bit ugly.”

  31. anon says:

    I’m not trying to be against this tattoo and all, but whenever they get older the tattoo will *maybe* become a black square because tattoos feather and skin gets weaker and all.

  32. Katie says:

    Whaaaaaaaaaa?Why don’t you like it?Rock bands in general are known for tattoos and if they like them then its cool,plus maybe it looks unique because they want it to be just a thing that they have :) I love it plus it shows how strong Paramore are :D

  33. erin says:

    The lines are too far apart to become a black square. All that may happen is that it would fade and become less definite. Its not a stupid tattoo, even if it offends the Farros the whole point is that its about the three members NOW – you can’t base every tattoo on what everyone will think or no one would be happy. If they love it enough and it means enough to them, what’s the problem? I’m sure sure some of the people commenting have tattoos that the band may turn their nose up that but they’re not going to kick up a fuss about it. Tattoos are personal things, end of.

  34. jade says:

    oh who cares about the design?? this unifies paramore and this proably brought them closer together. this makes my heart happy to see my fave band still going strong.

  35. Lucy says:

    Only if they split aswell like they did with the farro’s they’s also be screwed but they never will! I wouldn’t want them to add new band members they’re gr8 as they are so newcomers will be obviously different and they wont be the same it looks like black bars to me not white,lol! Thats gr8 tho its like it brings them closer together and shows they’re still going strong!

  36. Kris says:

    I like them and I love Paramore but I think they are trying really hard to show to the world that they are better than ever and they never needed the Farros :/ anyways they’re a great band

  37. Troxxx says:

    Part of me likes it and part of me doesn’t. I’ve never really been a fan of tattoos like this. Like you wouldn’t get your boyfriend’s name tattooed on you because who knows what will happen. I know this isn’t quite like that but idk. What if something happens with the band again, or they get new members…tattoos like this always feel like a jinx to me.

  38. Emilie says:

    I draw this on my wrist in sharpie all the time now. :] i bought the singles club box set!!!! I still like this tat, its way better than her others. The cross is placed sort of awkwardly in the middle of her thigh and the razor is just not great looking :/ the heart on her wrist and warped by her ear are the other two good ones i think.

  39. Elly says:

    People don’t seem to realise that if another band member is added, for example, if they find another drummer, they can easily add another bar (by putting one more black bar in to the side and connecting it at the top and bottom) It’s not hard to figure out if you use your brain :/ It might make the tattoo look a little off to one side, but that can be easily fixed if they add a permanent rythym guitarist. Then there will be 5 and the tattoo would look more centered and like a barcode. SUPER SIMPLE to figure out!

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  41. Izzie says:

    Man. Nice design, but what an obvious middle finger to the farros. It’s a shame that they’re trying so hard to bash them down and telling the world that they’re much happier without them.

  42. Colleen says:

    I’m getting this on my wrist when I turn 18.

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