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Hayley’s Flower Tattoo

Hayley Williams flower tattoo

A few days ago Hayley Williams got a new tattoo on her side by Nashville tattoo artist Ian White, who also did the cross on her leg.

It’s a fairly large piece on her left hip of flowers, and Hayley says that the flowers are a symbol of her and her sisters. “Represents me and my 2 sisters. Each unique and yet still growing together,” she writes.

See all seven of Hayley’s tattoos on the newly revamped tattoo page.

You can watch a very brief clip of Hayley getting inked on

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Paramore Get Matching Tattoos

Hayley, Taylor, and Jeremy have all gotten matching tattoos! The tattoo is a black box with three white bars to represent the three band members. Hayley’s is on her left wrist. This is her sixth tattoo, you can see the other here.

On KROQ’s Kevin and Bean show interview on Wednesday (listen – part 1 and part 2), Hayley joked that they can’t add any new members to the band because of the tattoos: “we just got tattoos that have only three white bars in them, so if we ever add any new members we’re screwed!” On a more serious note, Taylor said “I think the goal right now is just to really focus on the three of us.”

What do you think about the tattoos? I’m not a huge fan of the design, but I think it’s great that the band is so unified now.

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Heart Wrist Tattoo

Hayley Williams' heart tattoo

A little while back Hayley got a small heart tattooed on her wrist. I’ve added it to the tattoos page, but I never posted about it here and recently I’ve had a ton of questions about it, so I just wanted to clear the air :)

It is a real tattoo and Hayley got it as a matching tattoo with her friend Dakotah. I believe that she had it done some time in December. You can see it in the “Paramore: The Last Word” MTV interview which was recorded in the end of December and in any more recent photos.

more photos

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Hayley Gets A Cross Tattoo

Hayley Williams cross tattoo
Hayley Williams got a new tattoo today of solid black cross tattoo on the front of her right thigh. She says: “Got a black cross on my leg. My faith is the only thing that never fails me.” This is Hayley’s fourth tattoo. Guitarist Taylor York got a tattoo on his arm at the same time (it is his second tattoo). It’s not the first time the two have gotten body modifications together – Hayley got her septum pierced while Taylor got his nose pierced during Warped Tour in 2008.

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Tattoos Page

We’ve finally got a page up for Hayley’s Tattoos. Now onto piercings and adding a new page for Hayley’s current hair…

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Hayley’s Warped Tattoo

We finally have a clear picture of Hayley’s cloud and lightning bolt tattoo, a tribute to Warped Tour
Hayley Williams tattoo
click to enlarge

photo credit: Jade Field

you can read more about the tattoo here and here

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More About Hayley’s New Tattoo

so what is Hayley’s new tattoo about?

my <3 for warped tour. (minus all the horrific bands on this year). 2 years ago in cleveland we almost died in the storm on warped!!! and our fans stuck around and waited for us for at least an hour. we went on anyways and played one of the most fun sets of the whole tour. so memorable. then this year, we got to surprise warped in cleveland. the weather was perfect. i wanted something to remind me of some of my best warped memories. no more "tour/bro" tats for me after that one! [source]

view our previous post for photos and more info

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This One Is Probably Real

In a paramoremusic post, Sabz posted a video of Hayley opening gifts at her meet and greet, and Hayley’s definitely got something behind her ear, though it’s too blurry to tell what. Sabz says that it is a tattoo, and another user says the tattoo is a cloud with a lightning bolt and the word “warped” above it. I could only find one photo that shows the tattoo, but it seems to confirm their stories.

left: a screencap from Sabz’s video
right: the best photo I could find

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NOT a new tattoo

a lot of people have been saying that Hayley has a new tattoo on her wrist after some photos of the Cleveland Warped Tour appearance surfaced, but what she has on her wrist is just sharpie (something Hayley has done many times before). It looks like it says “I <3 Rita" ... not exactly the type of thing you'd want inked on you permanently. edit: Janelle has pointed out that Hayley’s sister Erica was with her that day, and it probably says “I <3 Erica" (though it looks more like "I <3 Rica")

But it does sound like Hayley has plans to get more tattoos in the future. In a recent interview, Hayley stated:

“One of my favorite new movies and stories is Coraline. I think one of my next tattoos will probably be a Coraline tattoo.”

“One of my next tattoos” implies she wants a bunch more.

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